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Analyse Your Stats!

Lots of our Southampton Web Design customers have been coming to us asking how they could improve the performance of their website and use it to get more business.

Getting Google Analytics set up is one of the most important things you need to do if you have a business website. You need to be able to measure the amount of traffic you`re getting.

Google Analytics is a great way to monitor not only how many people come to your website but how they are getting there. You can see which search engines they used and which keywords they use to find you. Here 's a guide on Google Analytics:


We can setup Google Analytics and monthly reports on your website traffic for just £29+VAT if you`re pushed for time, or you can have a go at setting it up yourself:

View our Support site for how to setup Google Analytics

With these sophisticated reports, you'll then be able to use the great search engine tools built into the Toolkit to optimise your website even further. Remember improving your search ranking is an ongoing task. The first building block is setting up Google Analytics.

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