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Email On The Go

It's a busy world out there! The majority of our clients are small business owners and they need every spare second to devote to their businesses. That's why at Toolkit Websites we offer a range of ways for our clients to access their business class email whilst on the go.

Social Networking websites are a fantastic way of promoting your business online and establishing a name on the web - direct contact on the go is ideal for attracting new customers and telling them what you have to offer. However, when it comes to personal enquiries and closing deals a secure private email account on the move is a must have.

If you use our email service you can access your email from any computer with an internet connection by going to:


Not only this but you can access your webmail via any mobile phone with internet. The most important things when looking for an email host is knowing that your emails are easily accessible and backed up. You can chose to have your emails stored on the server as well as your PC which means you can feel safe knowing that you can stay in touch without having the worry of losing any of your emails, ensuring you remain free to sit back and the enjoy bank holiday weekend without losing touch.

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CMS Express

The web is constantly evolving and so should your content management system. If you have caught SEO fever then you will be pleased to know that The Toolkit is now running new features which may well help you give the search engines that little extra boost in finding your websites and helping you climb closer to the top.

Page Aliases are important in helping the search engines identify your pages, but so are image aliases! Image aliases are now available in The Toolkit alongside the function to add your sitemap to new search engine giant Microsoft Bing.

We are constantly striving to make The Toolkit as useful as possible. You can see the changes already at your fingertips here! If there is something you would like to see, let us know, we always keen to find new ways of enhancing The Toolkit even further.

Watch this space for some brand new step by step guides on how to make the most of all our updates!

Toolkit Websites - Southampton Web Design for Business

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I Keep my Office in my Pocket

It is difficult to bump into the owner of an iphone who does not proceed to dazzle you with an array of apps at such velocity that you may need a park bench to perch on just to regain consciousness.

Well, this may not be limited to the iphone for very much longer. Nokia have struck a deal with Microsoft to convert Microsoft Office to all new Nokia phone devices. Microsoft have been seeking new ways to get their products out there and ensure they are accessible to the contemporary market. The idea is to integrate microsoft office programmes with forthcoming nokia mobile phones to rival the endless choice of apple apps that are dominating the mobile phone market.

So what does this mean for small businesses like us? Your office in the palm of your hand! You can sync your phone using Microsoft programmes such as “MyPhone” to transfer and back up and update your data on the move. You can store online copies which you can return to as and when needed, and work between office and home (if you really want to!)

Industry experts indicate that the mobile phone industry is moving ever closer to PC technology. Ensuring that new handsets can be used in the same way as palmtop computers in order keep up with the demand for work and play at our fingertips.

Apps which are already available to mobile phone business and personal users include Google Apps for Blackberry and Apple iphone apps. Toolkit Websites are not far behind in allowing clients to access their CMS and emails simply by logging into The Toolkit and Toolkit Mobile on iphone and blackberry, give it a go!

Toolkit Websites - Southampton Web Design for Business
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Analyse Your Stats!

Lots of our Southampton Web Design customers have been coming to us asking how they could improve the performance of their website and use it to get more business.

Getting Google Analytics set up is one of the most important things you need to do if you have a business website. You need to be able to measure the amount of traffic you`re getting.

Google Analytics is a great way to monitor not only how many people come to your website but how they are getting there. You can see which search engines they used and which keywords they use to find you. Here 's a guide on Google Analytics:


We can setup Google Analytics and monthly reports on your website traffic for just £29+VAT if you`re pushed for time, or you can have a go at setting it up yourself:

View our Support site for how to setup Google Analytics

With these sophisticated reports, you'll then be able to use the great search engine tools built into the Toolkit to optimise your website even further. Remember improving your search ranking is an ongoing task. The first building block is setting up Google Analytics.

Toolkit Websites - Business Web Design Southampton
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