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What was the web like in 1999?

As you may know Toolkit Websites is celebrating its 10th Birthday. It has been 10 fine years since Toolkit Websites began in infancy as Green Designs. Much like Toolkit Websites, the World Wide Web has grown enormously over those 10 years. So we are taking a little time out to pay homage to the burst of the dot com bubble and the rapidly expanding world of the internet.

So let’s go back to 1999. You might like to get out your brightly coloured Mac G3’s, or your sturdy Compaq Intel III PC’s. Unplug your wireless connection and prepare to dip in and out of an oh so reliable dial up internet as we take a brief look at the history of the internet!
If you want a real blast from the past click on any of the links on this page and it will take you to the homepage, as it was in 1999, try them out!

The dotcom bubble bursts.
The stock market rocketed due to the rapid growth of the internet, This was called the dotcom bubble. Survival in the dotcom world relied heavily in increasing your customer base at a rapid pace. The internet appeared to be the get rich quick dream everyone had been waiting for, but with too many people onboard and motion too fast it came crashing to a halt in May 2000.

Lost in Translation
Lycos, Yahoo and AOL were leading the way with search engine and email. Msn and Email Giant Hotmail were at the top of the leader board

When the dotcom bubble burst and search engines felt they needed to diversify. This was a risky move. They tried adding everything from user profiles to horoscopes on their start up pages and they were no longer seen as a prominent search engine. It is unsurprising that one simple, user friendly search engine managed to quickly leap to the forefront.

In Search of the big dream
Google was in its infancy; founded only in 1998 without any idea of being on the brink the world wide phenomenon it is today. In 1999 Google was in its infancy, and took its first major step in becoming the success it is today, gaining 40 employees by the end of the year, and moving to a more scenic location, out of Susan Wojcicki's garage. Today Google is largest, most widely used search engine in the world. Not only has this but revolutionised the way we use the web. Not bad for a small business!

In 1999 there was an estimated 1.5 million websites. Last updated in 2007 there is a mammoth 30 billion websites recorded on the World Wide Web by Yahoo. With 46 million websites added to the internet between January and April this year (that’s more than the whole of 2008 put together!) Staying online, keeping contact, and having a website has become more and more essential in everyday life.

Technology certainly has come along! If want to the must have features of a 2009 website, take a look at our brand new services page here.