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Silver, Gold...Chrome? Why Google Chrome may well be the Winner when it comes to Revolutionary Browsers.

Google Chrome is a brand new browser launched by Google and is especially good for those of you operating on the little screen!

Net books, iphones and palmtops will delight in this new mini Google browser! This doesn’t just mean it’s all for the little guys, laptops and PC’s can also benefit hugely from the new micro browser. When describe as mini do not be fooled into thinking that there is anything small about the features of Google Chrome – it combines all the current functions of search engine giant Google into a deceivingly small package!

When opening up your browser your web address bar will also function as a search engine tool, bringing up suggested websites for each word you type in. This is just one of the many multi functional attributes of the new browser.

Every time you open a new tab Google Chrome will display a page with all your favourite web pages. Google registers each page you visit frequently and will compile a page of mini web page images for you to simply click and be transported to your favourites!

Have you ever been right in the middle of an important search when your window crashes! Well this could well be a thing of the past with Google Chrome. It is the first search engine browser which allows you to check just how much memory each page you have open is using. If one crashes then every other tab is safe. It will not bring your whole browser down.

In keeping with Windows Explorer 8 and Apple Safari you also have the opportunity to switch off your history, so none of your webs browsing information is stored. This can be done by switching on “incognito mode.” As the title suggests, your browsing remains unseen, which is excellent when viewing private web information, or putting in secure details. In line with this increase in web safety Google Chrome will also alert you immediately if a website you are attempting to access is potentially unsafe.

If you feel like a move of browser seems like too much hassle Google has taken the final step in making the switch over as easy as possible, you can even transfer all your old bookmarks, favourites, and saved information into your new chrome browser. It is certainly worth a try!

For more information on converting to Chrome, click here!

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