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Facebook Offer Free Fanpage Names

As you may remember, on the 13th of June this year Facebook opened it's doors and allowed all users joining facebook before the 31st May the opportunity to get their very own personalised profile address.

Facebook have now announced that they will be doing exactly the same thing for pages. If like us you have a page especially assigned to your business you can now drive visitors towards it by changing the name in the address bar to cater directly to your business page. For example if your page specialises in promoting free training solutions you may like to change your page address from




However, if you have less than 1000 fans on your page you will have to wait until June 28th before you can start assigning names to your pages! There will still be plenty of names available to assign.

If you would like help in setting up a facebook page, or would like to discuss the ways in which it might help market your business contact us.

For more information on Facebook usernames click here or to start assigning names to your facebook pages click here now.