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Ensure Your Emails are Read with the Three Second Rule!

If someone was to ask you what the three second rule is, you may be able to think of one or two things which are not necessarily tied to the worldwide web. But that may be about to change.

Research suggests you only have three seconds to grab someone’s attention as they open their inbox and those three seconds all lie in the hands of your email title? At this point you may feel like donning some suspension cords, breaking a sweat and lowering yourself down to your computer screen to complete a mission impossible.

Three seconds can be a frightening prospect, but it certainly isn’t impossible, and really can increase the amount of mail you send out, that will become top of the reading pile.

Julie Niehoff of Constant Contact has written an excellent article on this very matter. Julie provides these very useful tips in ensuring your emails get read first. We take a brief look at some of Julies suggestions to help you create emails that just have to be read!
  • When writing about many different topics, highlight the most compelling or time sensitive one in the subject line to attract as much attention as possible.
  • Julie states Using numbers to get attention are a great way to grab attention - "For example, "20 Seats Left for Friday," "Top 10 Tax Tips," "5 Green Things to Do Today," "3 Reasons your Jeans Don't Fit," etc. Research suggests email titles containing numbers immediately increase their click rate.
  • Time sensitive terms such as "RSVP," "Today," "This Weekend Only," and words like "few" and "limited" suggest urgency and intrigue. "Now" opportunities can be difficult to resist!
  • Julie states if you're using email marketing to stay in touch with your customer base without a time sensitive message, you should try tying your subject to a current event to give your message a relevant angle. "Tax Time, the Stimulus Package, and you" or "Everyone Is Going Green -- You Can Too" - these work better than "Joe's Pet Store Newsletter," for example.
Just making small changes to the way in which your email titles are worded could make all the difference in ensuring your valuable words don't get lost in the waste bin.

To read the rest of Julie Niehoff's fantastic article on how to get the very best out of your emails click here

If you feel you've got the 3 second rule confidentially under way it may be time to really boost the number of recipients who read your email. To find out more about email marketing click here.