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Reaching the SMS generation.
If you have managed to avoid becoming part of the online craze that is
Twitter now may be the perfect opportunity to get involved. For those of
you that are yet to hear Twitter is a social networking site at the
forefront of the new online phenomenon known as "micro blogging."
Rapidly dubbed as "SMS for the internet," the best thing about it is you
don't need to think big, the site does that for you. The current Twitter
population is estimated at over 10 million, with an audience of this
size eagerly awaiting your news, its difficult to see the downside of
becoming part of the community. Retailers, restaurants, advice lines and
nightclubs are just some of the many businesses already taking advantage
of this free marketing tool.
How does it work?
To begin with you will need a user account. Choose a username which will
best promote your business. You'll then be asked the all important
question "What's new?" You can use this space to summarize what's new in
your business, ask for feedback on an idea or event or let you're
clients know how they can reach you! With only 140 characters per update
the m.twitter app. means that you don't even have to be at the PC to
update, be it on your blackberry, iphone or mobile handset and receive
updates in exactly the same way. This truly is marketing on the go! The
next stop is building a collection of friends, or followers. Feeling
like the new face in town can seem a little daunting at first but it
won't be for long friends are not difficult to find and you will soon
find yourself immersed in a bustling crowd of fellow tweeters. For ideas
on building a successfully following why not search for other businesses
in your area to see exactly how they are using Twitter to reach the
right people. Once settled take a look at the different applications
Twitter has to offer and don't forget to familiarize yourself with the
hashkey functions! This will allow and even wider community to learn
about your business.
If you're still not convinced, take a look at this short video on how
and why your business should get connected now.
To get your account and start tweeting go to www.twitter.com.