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Hurry! Facebook to offer Custom Web Addresses Tomorrow!

In a matter of hours Facebook will be offering personal website addresses to all users who signed up to a Facebook account before the 31st June. So what does this mean?

If you look in the address bar of your internet browser you will see the address to your webpage. The address to your current Facebook profile will most likely look something like this right now:


However as of 05:01 this Saturday Facebook are giving you the opportunity to replace the last part of the address. Say the name of your business is fastcarsuk, you could potentially have a new address bar reading


You’ll have to be quick though! Facebook are advertising this offer across the globe! It’s absolutely free of charge; so it is sure to attract a lot of interest. Facebook have already secured a number of addresses for their own use, but the millions of different combinations that still remain will be distributed on a first come first serve basis tomorrow morning.

If you’re lucky enough to secure the name of your choice then this could be a brilliant tool in guiding the people you want to your page! From clients and customers to the people who are really close to you, a personalised Facebook address mean that these people are more likely to find you on Google and see your page.

For more information on how to secure your very own personalised address visit blog.facebook.com now! Start keeping an eye on the countdown here.