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The need to stay connected online is becoming increasingly more important in the business world, but with the vast selection of social networking sites available it can be difficult to know which sites would be most beneficial to your business.

LinkedIn is a Social Networking Website which specialises in business users. Having over 40 million users from 170 different industries, it can prove to be a powerful resource to all businesses.

Every LinkedIn user is welcomed to create an individual professional profile. This shows everyone in your network your professional history, qualifications, skills and accomplishments. That could be utilised both within your business and to external clients who may be viewing your business profile.

You can then start to build a network of like-minded businesspeople, including your connections, and your connection's connections.

One use of this service is that you can find potential new customers in people that you can see having a use for your products and services, you can then contact these people and see if they are interested. You can also get in contact with people who may be of use to your business, such as Industry Experts, who can offer their valued advice to your business.

The 'Answers' feature of LinkedIn is a great idea, where business people who have any sort of question can ask, and the vast network of Entrepreneurs collectively answer any questions, and offer any suggestions or new ideas to that business.

The Jobs section of the website is a good place to advertise for any staff you could be looking for with specific skills, and when they express their interest you can instantly see information about them, such as where they have worked and their achievements.

You can use LinkedIn to get your name, along with your businesses, out into the world and onto Google, which can be a great help in increasing market power and brand identity.

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If you would like to know more about the many ways LinkedIn could benefit your business take a look at LinkedIn's blog