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The need to stay connected online is becoming increasingly more important in the business world, but with the vast selection of social networking sites available it can be difficult to know which sites would be most beneficial to your business.

LinkedIn is a Social Networking Website which specialises in business users. Having over 40 million users from 170 different industries, it can prove to be a powerful resource to all businesses.

Every LinkedIn user is welcomed to create an individual professional profile. This shows everyone in your network your professional history, qualifications, skills and accomplishments. That could be utilised both within your business and to external clients who may be viewing your business profile.

You can then start to build a network of like-minded businesspeople, including your connections, and your connection's connections.

One use of this service is that you can find potential new customers in people that you can see having a use for your products and services, you can then contact these people and see if they are interested. You can also get in contact with people who may be of use to your business, such as Industry Experts, who can offer their valued advice to your business.

The 'Answers' feature of LinkedIn is a great idea, where business people who have any sort of question can ask, and the vast network of Entrepreneurs collectively answer any questions, and offer any suggestions or new ideas to that business.

The Jobs section of the website is a good place to advertise for any staff you could be looking for with specific skills, and when they express their interest you can instantly see information about them, such as where they have worked and their achievements.

You can use LinkedIn to get your name, along with your businesses, out into the world and onto Google, which can be a great help in increasing market power and brand identity.

Toolkit Websites can set you up with a user profile, or a company group for £29+VAT. If you're interested why not contact us today

You can join our Toolkit Websites Group here!

If you would like to know more about the many ways LinkedIn could benefit your business take a look at LinkedIn's blog

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Reaching the SMS generation.
If you have managed to avoid becoming part of the online craze that is
Twitter now may be the perfect opportunity to get involved. For those of
you that are yet to hear Twitter is a social networking site at the
forefront of the new online phenomenon known as "micro blogging."
Rapidly dubbed as "SMS for the internet," the best thing about it is you
don't need to think big, the site does that for you. The current Twitter
population is estimated at over 10 million, with an audience of this
size eagerly awaiting your news, its difficult to see the downside of
becoming part of the community. Retailers, restaurants, advice lines and
nightclubs are just some of the many businesses already taking advantage
of this free marketing tool.
How does it work?
To begin with you will need a user account. Choose a username which will
best promote your business. You'll then be asked the all important
question "What's new?" You can use this space to summarize what's new in
your business, ask for feedback on an idea or event or let you're
clients know how they can reach you! With only 140 characters per update
the m.twitter app. means that you don't even have to be at the PC to
update, be it on your blackberry, iphone or mobile handset and receive
updates in exactly the same way. This truly is marketing on the go! The
next stop is building a collection of friends, or followers. Feeling
like the new face in town can seem a little daunting at first but it
won't be for long friends are not difficult to find and you will soon
find yourself immersed in a bustling crowd of fellow tweeters. For ideas
on building a successfully following why not search for other businesses
in your area to see exactly how they are using Twitter to reach the
right people. Once settled take a look at the different applications
Twitter has to offer and don't forget to familiarize yourself with the
hashkey functions! This will allow and even wider community to learn
about your business.
If you're still not convinced, take a look at this short video on how
and why your business should get connected now.
To get your account and start tweeting go to www.twitter.com.
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Hurry! Facebook to offer Custom Web Addresses Tomorrow!

In a matter of hours Facebook will be offering personal website addresses to all users who signed up to a Facebook account before the 31st June. So what does this mean?

If you look in the address bar of your internet browser you will see the address to your webpage. The address to your current Facebook profile will most likely look something like this right now:


However as of 05:01 this Saturday Facebook are giving you the opportunity to replace the last part of the address. Say the name of your business is fastcarsuk, you could potentially have a new address bar reading


You’ll have to be quick though! Facebook are advertising this offer across the globe! It’s absolutely free of charge; so it is sure to attract a lot of interest. Facebook have already secured a number of addresses for their own use, but the millions of different combinations that still remain will be distributed on a first come first serve basis tomorrow morning.

If you’re lucky enough to secure the name of your choice then this could be a brilliant tool in guiding the people you want to your page! From clients and customers to the people who are really close to you, a personalised Facebook address mean that these people are more likely to find you on Google and see your page.

For more information on how to secure your very own personalised address visit blog.facebook.com now! Start keeping an eye on the countdown here.

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Don't be afraid to remove old content!

To make using your business web site as simple as possible for your visitors, you need to focus on clarity.

We all know content is king when it comes to SEO, but swathes and swathes of content won't interest a human website visitor. It needs to be relevant content for your website visitors.

Sometimes website owners are afraid of removing or updating content from their websites. We worry we might leave out something important, leave out something that means the website doesn't make sense, or have too much sales copy trying to convince. All of this leads to a bloated website.


Take a look at your website content. Is anything on there out of date? Are you using roundabout terms or long words to describe things when a shorter word would do? What you need to do is to remove anything that's unnecessary or irrelevant.

This will make your useful relevant content more prominent, and give you more space to add new content. It also helps ensure your company website looks professional. If it's not December, then your Christmas promotion shouldn't be on your website. Keeping your website up to date will also help improve your website search rankings.

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Higher Bounce Rates Shouldn't Worry Small Businesses

Lots of our customers are focusing on SEO at the moment to try and drive more traffic to their websites and generate some more business. Getting a good return on your investment in website is important. We've been encouraging our clients to install Google Analytics to monitor the traffic they're getting to their website.

When people have received their first monthly Analytics report, they often ask us what's the Bounce Rate?

Well. It's a measurement of how many people have visited your website and then left again without clicking on any of the links or interacting with it in anyway. It is often different for different pages on your website.

It can be very concerning to see a bounce rate of 70% or even 50%. That means 70% of the people who visited left again without seeing any of the other pages on your website.

However, do not fear! There's no set benchmark for bounce rates. They vary day by day, and depending on the type of website. If you had an e-commerce website, and a bounce rate of over 15% you would worry as that would show people not being enticed to buy from your website.

However, for most of our customers, a higher bounce of 50% rate is fine. With a brochure style website, the primary focus is to encourage people to contact you. Start asking the people who email or call you with enquiries how they found your contact details. If they say "Oh, I found it on the website" then you know that the high bounce rate isn't accurately reflecting the number of people who interact with you eventually. Your website is still generating new leads for your business.

Now some people think that bounce rate could affect your rankings in search engine results. With that in mind it's good to try and get your bounce rate as low as you can in the long term. Here's some tips to work out why you might have a high bounce rate:

  1. If your website takes too long to load up, people will leave before it finishes loading. Make sure you reduce the size if images on the webpage, and keep flash to a minimum.
  2. Make sure your website explains exactly what you do in clear and easy to read text. Website visitors have short attention spans, and will leave if it's taking to long to understand what you do.
  3. Sometimes other websites will be linking to content on your website that no longer exists, such as an old news article. This means that any visitor arriving via that old link will get a "Page Not Found" message and may not bother with the rest of the website. To combat this, get in touch with people who link to you and ask them to update their links. Not sure who links to you? Type "link:http://www.yourwebsite.com" in to Google and Yahoo.
  4. When searching for a business, visiors look for professional and well presented sites. First impressions count and a badly designed, out of date or generic site will cause visitors to look else where. If you're a Toolkit Websites customer and you feel your website needs a facelift, check out our redesign package.
  5. Optimise your website for more specific keyword phrases. If you rank highly for generic keywords like "insurance" and you offer mobile phone insurance, all the visitors who are looking for car, house and travel insurance will bounce away.

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