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Make an Impact with Video

The old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been truer than on the online world. Great images on your website supported by keyword rich text are great for grabbing visitor attention.

However, a video on your website could be worth a million words. It makes your website look professional, and more importantly, encourages website visitors to spend more time on the site. It’s a whole new level of interacting with your website visitors. Why not give them a behind the scenes tour or your thoughts on some of the latest news from your industry?

It doesn’t have to be professionally produced. You can normally do a pretty good job with a digital camera yourself. Once you’ve got the files on your computer, you can use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie to add titles and edit out your bloopers.

Find out more about using Windows Movie Maker here:

and iMovie Here:


So now you’ve got a video you love, you need to get it on your website. As videos are large files it’s best to host them on a third party video hosting website that gives you the option of an embedded player to show them off on your site. The leading ones are YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler and Jumpcut.

Once you have uploaded your video to these websites, they will generate code that you can paste into the HTML view of your webpage in the Toolkit to add the player to your website.

Here’s our support site with advice on adding Youtube Videos to your website:

Video can have hidden SEO benefits along with providing a more vibrant and dynamic content for your website vistitors. A lot of the video hosting websites allow you to tag your video under different keywords, and put some descriptive text about you video along side it. That means is someone searches the video website for plumbing, your plumbing video will come up and they might click on the link you’ve added as a description. All good inbound links to improve your SEO!