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Don't be afraid to remove old content!

To make using your business web site as simple as possible for your visitors, you need to focus on clarity.

We all know content is king when it comes to SEO, but swathes and swathes of content won't interest a human website visitor. It needs to be relevant content for your website visitors.

Sometimes website owners are afraid of removing or updating content from their websites. We worry we might leave out something important, leave out something that means the website doesn't make sense, or have too much sales copy trying to convince. All of this leads to a bloated website.


Take a look at your website content. Is anything on there out of date? Are you using roundabout terms or long words to describe things when a shorter word would do? What you need to do is to remove anything that's unnecessary or irrelevant.

This will make your useful relevant content more prominent, and give you more space to add new content. It also helps ensure your company website looks professional. If it's not December, then your Christmas promotion shouldn't be on your website. Keeping your website up to date will also help improve your website search rankings.