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Who's Spying On You When You're Online?

One of our customers mentioned a few weeks ago that he had had a terrible time with spyware and malware on his computer. We worked out he had lost 5 hours to a Spy Guard spyware programme. Spyware is software that is installed on your computer without your knowledge or consent to collect your browsing history, your passwords or try and control what you access.
Boyd Butler in his own words:
"It was a nightmare. I had the blue screen of death. I thought I had lost all my work. It took me ages looking online to find the solution. Every time I wanted to download a fix the PC would lock up because of the spyware. Eventually, I managed to SpyZooka, a cheap £25 service which got me out of the trouble I was in. The moral of the story for me is, make sure you get really good protection, (the best) back up your stuff on an external hard drive or internet service so you don't lose it and don't always try and find a free fix when you can pay a small amount to get it sorted. Hope this helps other Toolkit users!"
So how can you avoid getting spyware on your computer in the first place?
Firstly, get Firefox and use it as your main internet browser. Firefox is free, and much less vulnerable to security attacks than Internet Explorer. You can also install really good add - ons that help protect you when you're browsing online. Here's some of our favourites:
Ad Block Plus - Block popup and banner adverts that can install Spyware on your System.
No Script - Only run Java Script and other executable files from websites you trust.
You also need to make sure you some good anti - virus and anti - spyware software on your computer. Here's some good free programs:
Spybot Search and Destroy
For our clients' peace of mind, we take daily back ups of their website. If they've taken up our business class email service, we take daily back ups of that too. Then on top of that, off site backups are also taken for a belt and braces approach to ensuring the website and email is doubly secure.