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Keyword Tips for Search Engine Optimisation

You've got a great business website. You can update it yourself. You've got Google Analytics to monitor your statistics. What now?

How do you drive traffic to your website?

Let's take our favourite Toolkit Websites example, the old Plumber based in York, UK.

How would our Yorkshire plumber decide what keywords to use? Well Google has a handy tool.


It shows you how many people searched for your chosen keywords in the last month, and on average. Our hypothetical plumber's main keywords "Plumbers York" appear to be quite popular, but the great thing about this tool is that it suggests alternatives too:

Here are some alternative keywords that Google suggested:
plumber in york
plumber yorkshire
plumbers merchants york
plumbers in york

Our plumber can now add these keyword phrases to all the different parts of his websites, such as link, meta data, meta description, page titles and the text on his website.

However, he could maxmise his chance of being picked for these keywords even further by using variations on these phrases.

This is where Google Maps is your friend. We know that at least 30% of searches are for location based keywords. Our plumber is bound to cover more than just York city centre, so by using keyword phrases like:

plumber in New Earswick
Plumber Huntington
Plumbers in Heworth

and so on, our plumber can capitalise on the searches for plumbers in the York wider area as well.

It's also good to make sure your business is on Google Local too, to make sure you're top for those local searches.