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Going Green at Toolkit Websites

Spring is supposedly in the air and we website designers have been inspired to be more green. Here's how we're trying to make our working environment greener.
  • We try to be a practically paper free office, and email or IM each other messages rather than using scraps of paper or post it notes
  • We have a paper recycling bin.
  • None of us here in the Southampton Office drive to work, choosing to walk, cycle or take the bus when it's raining really hard! :o) We even have a bike shed in the old coal cellar.
  • We only print things out when it's really necessary.
  • We have lots of plants in the office to improve the air quality.
  • We always try to boil the kettle for a full round of tea not to waste any hot water.
  • We have real towels in the loos so there's no paper towel waste or hand dryers using electricity.
  • We use Ecover cleaning products in our staff kitchen.
  • We make Richard recycle a plastic bag when he goes to the shop to buy sandwiches.
  • We turn off our computers and monitors when we go home in the evening.
Have you got any suggestion on how we can be even more Green?