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To Blog or Not to Blog?

It seems like everyone is blogging these days. A blog (web-log) is a webpage that easily allows you to publish articles or posts in date order, and allows the visitors to the blog to comment on the posts. People write blogs on everything from their daily lives, to their hobbies and their jobs. Especially web designers!

They’re a great way for people with expertise in a certain field to share their knowledge with others, and to keep the world informed of the latest news in their industry. If you have a business you have knowledge like this to share with the world.

Blogging can have a really positive influence on your search engine rankings. If link from your blog to your website, it can help drive traffic to your main web site. They can also be used to advertise when you have a new product and to keep you customers informed of your latest developments.

Having a blog also provides you with another forum to actually interact with your customers. They can leave you comments and feedback about your business. Having articles that explain the more detailed or complicated parts of your business that only an insider would know can help answer your customer’s questions. The blog helps build relationships with your customers. However, blogging isn’t for every business.

You have to have the time to update a blog regularly. You have to have something relevant and interesting to say about your industry. Also, it really depends on the people you are trying to reach. Blogging is a fairly new medium, and the people who read blogs tend to be younger more technologically savvy people. If your client base isn’t that interested in new technologies, a blog may not be for you. That being said, a blog could introduce your business to a whole new client base for the same reason.
So it comes down to you and your business. If you have the time and knowledge, why not share some of your industry insights with the world?