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Who Should I Link To?

Having links to other websites on your business website can really help with SEO. Links can help improve the search engine rankings of your website. Links can help drive traffic to your business web site. Links can help build your online credibility.

But it’s easy to get links wrong. The most important thing to remember when adding links to your business website is to know who you’re linking to. Avoid link farms, and irrelevant links. Keep the links to external sites to sites that help establish your credibility and to those sites that might be of genuine interest to someone looking for your services on your website.

Ask authoritative websites in your area of the market if you can link to them to help build credibility.

It might seem counterintuitive, but links to the websites of other local businesses in the same field as yourself can help establish you with the search engines. They show that your website is in the same field as these other businesses.

Links to professional and accrediting bodies also help establish your credibility and the credibility of your business website.

Why not try setting up a reciprocal link with a business with website in the same field in neighbouring towns and counties to drive customers looking for a regional service to the right business?

You also need to maintain the internal links in your website. Make sure all new pages are linked to in other pages on your website, and you remove links to pages that no longer exist on your website.