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5 Recession Beating Marketing Tips

When economic times are tough, you need to be marketing your business more than ever. Other companies are going under left, right and centre and you could be capitalising on the gaps in the market they are leaving behind.

“How can I achieve this?” I hear you cry.

Read on for Toolkit Websites Top 5 Recession Beating Marketing Tips.
1. Get Email Marketing.
For small businesses, perhaps the single most effective and very powerful way to market your services is through Email Marketing. Regularly communicating with past customers and new prospects keeps your business at the forefront of their mind.

It’s best if you build your own list of email addresses by asking leads and customers for their email details. That way you have their permission to market to them a la Seth Godin No one likes it when you get hassled by unsolicited emails, so don’t buy email address lists from list broking companies.

When you’re list building, let people know that you’ll never pass on their email addresses to give them the peace of mind they deserve. If what you send people in the emails is useful and relevant you’ll start seeing returns. News on new products and services, special offers and all the great things your company is doing, once every 7 to 14 days will go down a treat.

If you’re going to want to send email to more than 250 people, you need some dedicated bulk email marketing software to meet the legal requirements on email marketing. Toolkit Website offer a great email marketing product to our customers called Toolkit Broadcast. We even offer a free demo to get you started. Why not click here to read more about Toolkit Broadcast?

2. Get Connected.
It’s not how many people you know, but who you know. If you know the movers and shakers in your market place, you don’t need to waste time on those huge pointless business networking events. Research who your target market sways the opinion and target them. It could be inviting them to try out your service, it could be making sure every bit of your promotional material is written to match their profile. Get their attention!

3. Get Internet Marketing.
Is your website expertly designed and optimized for the search engines? No? Then you’re wasting money by ignoring what could be your biggest source of lead generation. We’ve mentioned before that x amount of searches online are people checking out potential providers of the service and products they need. You can capitalize on this!

Make sure your website is interest, relevant and full of useful information for people who are searching for your services. Also make sure it’s full of keyword phrases that the search engines will pick up on. We’ve written a handy guide on how to optimize your site for the search engines.

4. Get Spying.
We’re not advocating doing anything illegal. But you’re going to have to be so much better than your competitors to survive the downturn. So get researching. What are your competitors offering your potential customers?

A lot of people offer what they think customers want. Get feedback from your existing customers and work out what’s your Unique Selling Point. Why did they choose to use you? c. Then combine your unique selling point with the info on your competitors to add loads of Value to your products and services. How can you offer more than the competition to your potential customers? What do they get free if they choose you?

5. Get Learning.
Your time and capital are more valuable than ever. Don’t waste it by killing yourself working hard doing things that don’t work for your business.

You need to learn what gets results for you and you business and do more of that. And if it stops working, do some more research to find out a new way to market your business.