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What’s Firefox?

Firefox is a free, open source web browser that comes with lots of great features. We use Firefox here in the Toolkit Websites office to access the internet and view both our demo and client websites.

“But I already have a web browser. I use Internet Explorer” I hear you cry. “Why should I download Firefox?”

Did you know that by using Internet Explorer to access the internet you could be putting your computer at risk? Security firm Secunia.com reported in September 2008 that 10 out of 31 security flaws in IE7 remain unfixed, with the figures being higher for older versions.

Spreadfirefox Affiliate ButtonFirefox 3.0 had only 3 reported flaws in Sept 2008 according to Secunia, and Mozilla is already working towards supplying patches.

The other great thing about Firefox is that it’s one of the most standards compliant browsers out there, meaning it will render websites correctly on screen.

The Ad-ons console lets you customise Firefox to suit your needs. Here in the office we use ReminderFox to remind us when to make calls, and Colourzilla to get codes for the colour of anything on a website. It's a great too for getting the colours right on your business web design. Both of these make our job as web designers a lot easier.

If you want to try Firefox you can download it for free from: www.getfirefox.com