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Toolkit Websites On Facebook!

We web site designers need to keep up with all the internet trends to make sure we create the best web designs for our customers.

One of the biggest things on the web in the last couple of years has been social network services.
These are online places where people can get together and interact quickly and easily with each other, sharing information, photos and videos etc.

Facebook is one really popular social network service that lets you keep track of your friends and post messages, and upload pictures and videos. Some of us here in the office have used it to keep track of old university mates. Facebook also has a cool feature where you can create a page for a person, a business or a brand, and other users can sign up as fans.

We've created a Toolkit Websites page on Facebook where you can leave us wall messages with suggestions on how we can improve, see some of our video customer testimonials and check out our portfolio of existing client websites. So if you'd like to take a look at our page and sign up, please click on this button: