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Mega Monday for Online Shopping

The second Monday in December is known in the retail industry and by web site designers as ‘Cyber’ or ‘Mega’ Monday. It’s the day when all the Christmas shoppers get online and do their gift buying on e – commerce websites. This year, Internet trade body IMRG, reported that online sales volumes were up 18% year on year!
Clearly lots of people are taking advantage of the great deals you can get buying online, and the convenience from shopping at home. Both online only businesses like Play.com and Amazon and high street retailers like M&S who were running special offers saw a surge in purchases. Given the current financial situation, consumers are doing more research online before they make important purchases. Consumers are also purchasing items online that they first saw whilst out shopping offline to try and get a bargain.
This is why it is so important to have a company website. Your customers are investigating the services offered by your competitors and weighing up why they should choose you over them. Make sure you’re included in that research by having a relevant and informative business website, and if you can, offering your customers the ability to buy online.
If you’ve already got your business web design from Toolkit Websites up and running, you too can be part of the boom in Internet shopping. The Toolkit, our content management system, is built to work easily with Paypal. Paypal have also just launched a great new way to create Paypal buttons that match the design of your site, right in time for Christmas. You can find out more about the Paypal Button Factory here:
Once you’ve generated the code for your stylish button, you simply paste it in to the HTML view of the Edit Page window. You’ll be selling your services online in no time!
Here’s our guide to adding Buy It Now buttons in the Toolkit: