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Is My Website Down?

Your business website is extremely important. Then shock horror, one day you get up, type in your website address and it doesn't load up. Your website is down. What do you do?

First of all, try going to another website to see if that loads such as bbc.co.uk. If it doesn't it may be that your internet connection isn't properly set up. Check out your connectivity settings to make sure you are actually online.

If you can get on other websites, but not your own, it may be a quirk with your website. There's a great website called
which tells you if the website is down for everyone or just for you.
If it does turn out that the website is down for everyone, give Toolkit Websites a call on 02380 633 644 and we'll investigate for you.
You can get instant notification when your website is back up again by going to

and entering your details. They'll let you know when everything is up and running again.
Our customers enjoy 99.99% uptime on our servers, so if you've got an existing business website and suffer from server downtime, give us a call on 02380 633 644.