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What Type of Email is Best for Business Use?

What do you think when you see a new email pop into your inbox?

Do you judge the sender based on their address?

Do you question how trustworthy they are?

Let’s face it if you received an email from:




Which one are you more likely to trust…? Getting an email address for your business is a great idea; if you can email your clients from your professional business email you will make a far greater impression.

Another important consideration is the storage of your e-mails, when checking out various e-mail providers find out what their policy is on storage make sure they offer a back-up service so you can feel safe that there is a copy kept somewhere!

Most professional email providers will make a small monthly charge for their services, because the service that they offer is far superior to free/unlimited mailbox offers. Here is a short list of questions to ask yourself before getting your business email account:

* Can I access my email online?
* Can I setup my mailbox on an email client (Outlook etc)?
* Does my mailbox have spam and virus protection?
* Can I setup my email on my mobile phone?
* Does my email support POP and IMAP?

Hang on a minute.. What did that last question mean?

If you are setting up your email on a email client (Outlook etc) you’ll need to decide if your setting up your email so its received using POP or IMAP.

POP and IMAP are just 2 different methods of receiving your email, receiving your email using POP means that the emails are downloaded onto your email client and are not saved online. Whereas IMAP means that your email client views your emails online and allows you to manage them, whilst ensuring they stay online.

We, as web site designers, strongly advise setting up any email accounts using IMAP to ensure that your emails are backed up online and you do not run the risk of losing your emails if there are any problems with your computer.