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How can you use your website to generate leads?
Simple. You need to make sure the people visiting your company website are already interested in your business. Then you need to engage them whilst they're looking at your website. Finally you need their contact details so you can follow them up.
So how do you make sure the people coming to your business website are already warm leads?
By concentrating on keywords. Website content is king when it comes to search engines. Make sure that the text on your business website is really relevant to what your business does and your geographic region. Make a big deal out of niche services that you offer on your website.
Having loads of traffic to your website is great, but what you want is high quality traffic. If you have great keywords relating to your business throughout your text, you’ll get people coming to the website who are definitely looking for the services you offer.
Once people are on your company website, you have to have something to offer them. You need to establish your credibility as websites can be a really impersonal medium. Why not provide guides on your website, on a specialist area relating to your business in which you have expertise? If you sell made to measure sofa covers, why not write a guide for your website on how to measure a sofa for a cover. If you are trying to advertise your holiday cottage on your website, provide information on the local attractions in your area. All this will make you look more attractive as a business to the people visiting your site.

Finally, engage your prospective customers and get their details. Add links to the website asking people to sign up for more information regarding your special offers, a .pdf brochure or for a buyer’s guide on your product that you can email to them. These links or web pages should have your contact form visible on them, so you can capture the contact details of these interested visitors. Make your alternate forms of contact really visible on the website so people have the option to contact you through other means. When you’ve got their contact details, drop them an email or give them a quick call to thank them for their interest and see if you can make a sale out of these great online leads from your business website.