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Images that Sell

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Online, pictures won’t get a website to the top of the search rankings. Only keyword rich dynamic content on the website can possibly do that.

However once you’ve got someone to your business web site, how can you convert them from a lead to a customer? One of those ways is to use pictures effectively on your website.

Pictures help establish credibility. A web site that uses impersonal stock images of generic concepts will have a lower conversion rate than a site that uses images that relate directly to the product or service being sold. Quite simply, the visitor will be more inclined to believe in you if the images used on your business website are more realistic.

Own a restaurant? Use images on your restaurant website of the actual food served in your restaurant, and images of the interior you spent so much time and money on getting right. Why not even have a picture of you and your chef to give another air of credibility?

Small business person, such as a plumber, decorator or baker? Use images of your shop frontage, your van, you in your uniform and examples of your work on your small business person website. Showcase the products you offer with well lit photography and ask your website designers to remove unnecessary items from backgrounds of images.

If you work in something a bit more abstract, like insurance or financial services, and you want to use stock images, make sure the images relate to what you are trying to sell or communicate on your website. How about images of houses with for sale signs in the web design if you’re an estate agent or a mortgage broker? Consider having photographs of the different people who work for your company on the website to lend a personal touch.

Remember the images on your website help establish you in the minds of potential customers. They can’t do all the work however, so make sure they’re supported with good keyword rich content on your website to help with SEO and legal accessibility.