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It's Toolkit Tea Time!

Designing websites is thirsty work and being websites designers, we certainly make sure we are never parched! Given the simply staggering caffeine intake our office consumes, I think its safe to say that we are a team of tea connoisseurs.

In fact we love tea so much we've put together a guide for the perfect Toolkit Cuppa'

Step 1.

Gather your Toolkit Mugs (make sure they are clean!) and pre-load the tea bags on a per mug basis. You can read dot net magazine (an office favourite for the web design team) whilst the kettle is boiling.

Step 2.

Boil kettle and add hot water to mug, leave for 1-2 minutes.

Step 3.

Use a teaspoon to squeeze the tea bag against the side of the mug to ensure tea is of a good strength (our technical manager Tristen is very keen on this step). Then remove the teabag.

Step 4.

Pour milk into mug for approximately 3 seconds, any longer than this and your staring down the barrel of a "milky cup" (a cardinal sin!). Once complete give a quick stir with the teaspoon and check the tea colour against the swatch list (see bottom of post) to make sure your on the right track.

Step 5.

Bring mugs to the rest of the website design team and utilise your new found popularity.

Toolkit tea is easily our most popular cuppa' in the office (all fairtrade too might I add) however under certain circumstances we do have other options such as green tea, earl grey, clipper, coffee, de-caff coffee and more recently raspberry tea (you should see our tea cupboard!).

If you found our tea process in depth you should check out the BBC version.

Toolkit Tea Swatch List