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How should I layout my website?

The layout and structure of your Web site Design is the ‘chassis’ that remains the same on every page throughout the website. A strong structure makes it easy for visitors to know where to go on your business website.

When a visitor first lands on your company website they will make an instant judgment about your company. It is important to have a professional layout in the Website Design . This will encourage visitors to stay and browse and then contact you or purchase your products.

Display your Logo. You want to build the brand of your company. The visitor will expect to see your logo at the top of the website design. Typically the logo will be in the top left hand corner.
Make the navigation easy. You want to make the navigation on your site as easy as possible for your website visitors to find what they are looking for. A clear menu and page structure is important.
Include standard pages. The modern website has evolved to include a number of pages that visitors expect to find on every website. The standard pages are: Home / About Us / Services or Products / Contact Us. Also every website should have a Site Map which lists every page on the site.
Create a Sitemap. Before you begin getting quotes for your website you should draw up a rough sitemap for your web site designer. A sitemap will give you an idea of the number of pages you need and what they will be. When you ask for quotes, your web design company will ask ‘Roughly how many pages do you need?’ and you should have an idea (even if you change your mind later).

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