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Getting Your Business Web Design Right!

Before you buy a website you should always ask to see some ideas of what the Website Designers could do for your company. Most web design companies will happily provide you with some initial ideas or a demo website.

It’s very important to get the design of your website looking good from the beginning. Here are some tips for achieving a good website design:

Don’t make your website too complicated. Avoid littering your website design with too many options, font sizes, graphics and colours. Make things clean, clear and simple and prospects are more likely to turn into clients.
Don’t overdo it on fancy design work. Creating a website is about selling your products and services to customers. Your Website Designers should not be trying to win design awards. Make it easy to navigate from A to B and go for a smart and professional looking design. The most successful website design in the world, Google.com, is also one of the simplest.

Avoid heavy use of flash. Creating a full flash website design is like making potential customers sit in a long queue - even before they can read your company brochure! Flash websites are not indexed by search engines and visitors are unable to bookmark them properly.

Select good images. Ensure you have chosen relevant, good-looking images that reflect your company ethos. Either use your own digital photos or you can find a wealth of professional high-resolution stock photographs on the web for your website design.

Use a modern design style. Some web designers are still stuck in the nineties. You need your website to look as though the site is new and fresh. This does not mean the website needs to be over-complicated. You just need to ensure that your Web site Design looks smart and professional.

Choose a smart colour scheme. Typically a two-tone colour scheme will give the best results. This means that you should choose one colour, for example blue, and then use two versions of that colour for the Web site Design . You could have a dark blue background with light blue rollovers for example. Always avoid colours that clash.
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Metro Again: Google told to hand over YouTube logs

Google must hand over details of every person who has ever watched a video on YouTube, a US court ruled.
The internet giant is being hit by a £500million lawsuit from entertainment company Viacom over copyright infringement.
The owner of channels such as Nickelodeon and MTV, Viacom claims that 160,000 unauthorised clips of its television shows have been uploaded on to YouTube and viewed more than 1.5billion times.
In seeking the user details, Viacom has been trying to prove that the site is almost solely reliant on viewing illegally downloaded clips.
But internet experts have warned the ruling potentially threatens the privacy of millions of internet users. Marcus Green, of internet consultancy Toolkit Websites, said: ‘Who knows what Viacom could do with that information.
‘It could create a precedent for other companies to get users’ search history.’
The ruling was only a partial victory for Viacom, which had also been seeking Google’s confidential search code – which reveals how the site works.
But this was a ‘trade secret’ and should not be disclosed, a court in New York ruled.
Viacom will not be allowed to use the user information for anything other than the current lawsuit, it added.

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We've moved!

We've moved offices to a new office in Carlton Crescent in Southampton. The place is shaping up nicely and starting to look really good.

Our new address is:

Toolkit Websites
30 Carlton Crescent
SO15 2EW

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