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Business TV Inspires Entrepreneurial Spirit

New research shows that the rise in TV shows such as The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den have encouraged people in the UK to start their own business.
An amazing 17 million of us have a business idea in our minds and one in three plan to turn that idea into reality. 26% of those questioned are planning to start their business in the next year.
The primary desire for entrepreneurs was to be their own boss and escape the corporate environment. 77% wanted a more flexible working environment and 70% wanted the freedom and independence of being their own boss.
The report by NatWest showed that one in five entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 34 who have setup in the last five years had been inspired by the new generation of business TV shows. Dragon’s Den, The Apprentice and Working Lunch are now household favourites and show that anybody is capable of starting their own business.
Of course there is also a high failure rate of small businesses and of those surveyed 45% agreed that the TV shows over-glamorise entrepreneurialism and 32% said it made starting up look too easy. Any business owner will tell you that it takes commitment and sheer determination to succeed at running a small business.
Of those who have started a business in the last five years almost 23% were tempted to give up the dream due to two main factors; cash-flow problems and poor marketing knowledge. The first is a common problem in a small business but the second doesn’t have to be. The web provides many valuable sources of information. A good website and some online advertising can go a long way!
Steve Pateman, Chief Exec of Business Banking at NatWest said “TV shows like Dragons Den are very new, so it’s no surprise that their influence is strongest for young people. But while the TV might be new, the desire to go it alone has been there for a long time.”
The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the UK. From inventors to dot com startups it seems we are a nation of small business wannabes. Long may it continue!