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Use an RSS reader instead of bookmarking blogs

There is a new piece of software that will become standard for all of us, and you need to know about it! Currently we all use an Email Client (Outlook, Entourage, etc) and a Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc).
The new piece of software is called an ‘RSS Reader’ and allows us to subscribe to blogs and news websites. The advantage is that when you want to catch up on the latest news you don’t have to open a handful of websites and wait for them all to load. You simply open your RSS Reader and all your news is downloaded from the various sites that you have visited.
A popular RSS Reader for Mac users is NetNewsWire
A popular RSS Reader for Windows users is FeedDemon
There is also an online Google RSS Reader
Once you have downloaded the software you can subscribe to any blog or website by clicking on the orange RSS button on many websites.