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Last week Apple launched their much anticipated iPhone. Overall the reviews have been very positive and the devices have sold out in many stores. Why are Apple able to make such a big splash and how will the iPhone affect the market?
The whole process has been a big risk for Apple. They are moving into an already crowded market with Nokia and Sony Ericsson leading the way. A quick headcount on the Sony Ericsson Website shows they have about 650 different models of phone! There are many different manufacturers who have all been in the game for a few years and Apple is a complete newbie.
The closest they have been before was their failed Newton Palmtop:

The iPhone is perhaps the modern day re-incarnation of the Newton. But this time they have done it right. They have done it the Steve Jobs way. The design is of top Apple calibre. They have included some clever patented trickery to get around the problem of a software keypad and they have made it a fully integrated device. This phone really does sum up ‘convergence’. It’s a phone, camera, video player, ipod, organiser, and much more.
Apple was not the first with an MP3 Player but when the iPod came it changed everything. The device has already started to affect the market and the other manufacturers are quickly trying to keep up. Some devices are already coming out looking very similar.
My prediction is that the iPhone is just version 1.0 and that we will see a whole range of iPhone’s released within a year. For me the ideal iPhone would be even smaller, thinner and with a few less functions. Everyone will want a slightly different version. And of course they’ll soon be out in Apple’s trademark candy colours - bright pink, lime green and electric blue!
I’m looking forward to seeing how the iPhone develops. For now I’ll need to stay with my Sony Ericsson k800i until the iPhone is released in the UK

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