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Only 35% of UK small businesses have an Internet Connection!

This really is an incredible statistic. A recent report by Dynamic Markets for the ISP UK Online (owned by BSkyB) surveyed 580 small businesses (with 1-10 staff) and only 200 had Internet access. Of those even fewer had a functioning website and email address that they gave out to customers.
Chris Stenning, who is the managing director of UK Online, said: “I was surprised by the low level of Internet use. I was expecting the figure to be nearer 70-80 per cent. It does show that the smallest businesses have not grasped the benefits of the Internet.”
To me this report has one clear message; the Internet is still young. We have been through the dot com boom and bust. Many businesses are now thriving online and e-commerce has become a part of everyday life. Small shops are starting to transfer online and big shops are making it work. But the Internet is still young and small businesses are taking time to catch up.
The time and cost involved in getting online and then setting up email and a new website have been prohibitive for some small companies. Larger businesses and online ventures have led the way, spent the money, made the mistakes, set the ground-rules and been the early adopters.
Today plumbers, lawyers, life coaches, driving instructors and other independent small businesses are finally able to take advantage of the web at an affordable price. High speed broadband for as little as £15 per month has become commonplace and now businesses can also get a website custom designed, built and hosted for just £100 and £10pm.
Over the next few years access to the web will continue to increase among these small businesses. Services to help small businesses with getting online and getting setup with email and a website will continue to grow and evolve to provide for the specific needs of this sector of the market.

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