Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Heartbleed Security Update

As you may have heard a widespread bug was announced this week that caused some servers to become vulnerable to attack.

You will be pleased to know that all our websites are hosted on Windows servers using proprietary security certificates and were therefore unaffected by this bug.

As a precaution you should change your Toolkit and Email passwords in case they are using the same passwords as another service that might have been vulnerable.

If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to call us on 02380 633 644 and our team will be delighted to help.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Webkit Release Notes WK801 - January 2014

The Web does not stay still and neither do we at Toolkit Websites. We are committed to helping our clients get the best out of their website and ensure their website is able to take advantage of the latest developments in web technologies.

A large amount of the subscription clients pay is re-invested back into the development of new and exciting features to the platform that the website sits on. Known as the "Webkit" our platform is constantly evolving. Some of these improvements are "under the hood," such as increasing page loading speed. Some are more obvious, such as changes to how our gallery feature displays. Then there are others that can help improve the rankings of our clients’ websites without them having to lift a finger!

Today we are pleased to announce our latest release - Webkit Version

The Social Media Bar:

Let's start with Social Media - A few updates have been made to the Social Media Bar which you can activate and update via The Toolkit. The Social Media Bar is now supportive of more types of RSS feeds, giving you more choice of what RSS services you’d like to use on your website. We’ve also improved the robustness of the Social Media Bar, so if your Tweets are set to protected, the Twitter Feed now also takes account of this. Furthermore, if Twitter, Facebook or any other social media services are experiencing any issues, your website will not be affected by these in any way, which is further evidence of our 100% uptime promise. 

Open Graph Data:

If you post your website onto Social Media accounts of your own, you may be familiar with the website screenshot that is shown whenever you make a post. This is due to ‘Open Graph’ data that Social Media services use to provide an overview of Websites that they are linked to. We have improved the WebKit platform further, so when posting to Social Media this also provides a Title, Description, and Type Open Graph information. This is data that better informs Social Media and its users about your website, and will help everything from browser experience to Search Engine results when your website is shared on Social Media.

Animated Sliders and Captions:

If you’re making use of an animated slider on your website, you may notice a few improvements on how this displays. Firstly, this has been updated to be more compatible across different browsers. Secondly, if you’re making use of animated slider captions, you’ll notice these are more in sync with each image. Both of these updates mean your website provides the same full and consistent experience for each of your visitors. 

Buy Now Buttons:
Are you looking to add some E-Commerce to your website? Perhaps some Paypal or Google 'Buy Now' buttons? Then you'll be pleased to know that we have improved our Products module to better support these and many other different kinds of E-Commerce buttons that can be used for online purchasing.

You may notice a ‘Redirects’ section when using your Toolkit to update your website. This area provides a facility to create custom redirects to any of your Pages or Forms, and this has now been updated to offer extended support for more types of redirects.

Page Aliases:
When creating a new page in your Toolkit, you may notice you can update what alias is used for the page (e.g. mywebsite.co.uk/alias). With the latest update, The Webkit platform now fully supports hyphens in aliases, which can be used to separate a number of keywords in your page alias. This is useful for SEO reasons, as if your page has a number of words in an alias, Google prefers the use of hyphens to separate each word when indexing your site (e.g. mywebsite.co.uk/this-is-a-longer-alias-separated-by-hyphens). This is just one way in which you can use The Toolkit to improve your website's SEO so it can be indexed faster by the Search Engines, such as Google, and help you appear higher in any Search Results.

For more tips on how you can use the Toolkit to better optimise your website in Search Engines please download our free SEO guide here:

Large Thumbnail Gallery:
Among the latest improvements to our WebKit platform, we now have a new Gallery upgrade that your Gallery images can make use of. The new Large Thumbnail Gallery converts your gallery images into a larger, easier to view format, which compared to the Standard Gallery, is almost double the size. The Large Thumbnail Gallery is perfect for anyone looking to put more of an emphasis on their images and display more of their work or premises in full at a glance. If you’d be interested in this upgrade, do let us know your requirements and we can get this set up for you.

Mobile Website:

For those of you with Mobile Websites or thinking of making use of our Mobile Website service, this has now been improved so your Mobile Website is more compatible across different mobile devices and has an extended support for different forms of content.

If you are yet to upgrade your website to our mobile platform and make it more mobile-friendly then you can read about how this could ultimately help your business here:

I hope you find the above informative but if you have any questions regarding anything mentioned here or if you're looking to implement anything we've talked about, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 02380 633 644 or send us an email and a member of your Passionate Support Team will be delighted to speak with you.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Website of the Week - Foresight: Corporate Development

This week's Website of the Week goes to Foresight: Corporate Development. This is another client that already had many key elements of their business in place; a logo and strong online presence via Social Media and e-commerce. All they needed was a complimenting website to accommodate it all and through which to send out their message. Overall, it's a site that takes action in every way with a lively design to match.

Foresight offer expert services in Senior Coaching and Leadership Development. The individuals that make up the Foresight team have over 70 years experience in partnering with organisations and businesses through various change programmes and supporting already high performing leadership teams to an even greater level of achievement.

Speaking of the lively design, the website uses a bright and unique red, orange and yellow colour scheme. The fingerprint logo is featured throughout, most noticeably when hovering your mouse over the menu items and also in the graphics of the Home Page's Dressing.

The content of the Home Page and throughout the site is extremely active. When you explore the site you will find features that link to purchasable books on Amazon, inspiring Youtube videos on the ethos of Foresight, a Newsletter Sign Up box for future email marketing purposes, a blog, news, feedback from clients and of course, links to Social Media. This is all extremely valuable online coverage and well worth your time in setting up if relevant to your company and business.

You will also notice the use of Stock Images throughout the site, a combination of photos as well as illustrations. Of course using your own images can add a wonderful, personal touch to your website but in the case of some industries, creating your own photos or images can be impossible. Stock Images such as those from the library of our recommended site, Shutterstock are great for corporate type industries as they are able to pleasingly represent something abstract and bring some attractive visuals to your content.

Click here to read more about the existing platforms you can use – from Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter to YouTube to strengthen your own brand.


And to explore the Foresight website for your yourself and view it in person, click on the link below:


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Friday, 31 January 2014

Website of the Week - Child and Family Solutions Ltd


Our Website for this Week goes to Child and Family Solutions Ltd. It's a wide website which results in a very modern and fresh online look for the business. The overall design is very gentle and minimalist whilst retaining a certain emotional warmth. Perfect for the work that the client does and the tone they want to demonstrate to their website visitors.

The Home page features a beautiful moving slider that features very moving (pun intended) images. Though a slider these days is a website design staple, don't be tied down to just using basic images. For example, this one uses beautiful fade effects at the top and the bottom that add to the width of the site as well as a clever graphic that illustrates which slide in the sequence is displaying and how many there are to see. Furthermore, if you're looking to have something more content-relevant on your internal pages, but still using the same style choices, that can certainly be arranged with custom headers per page as seen on the Child and Family Solutions website.

Although the website is obviously very clean and simple, it doesn't mean that it can't also be signature and bespoke looking for branding purposes. We feel that the custom icons on the Home page are lovely and really help the overall look of the page. Similarly, so do the specially-made social media icons on the Contact page.

It's also worth mentioning the efforts the client has made behind the scenes of the website and with its content. There is lots of text on each page, which gives the client lots of chances to mention their chosen keywords for the Search Engines to find. As well as this, the client has a Dynamic Sitemap set up to help Google and other Search Engines discover any changes made quickly and help index the website more often. As a result, both of these both of these will help the website get higher in Google over time.

Feel free to read the SEO guide from our Support Page for more ways to help your website achieve better Search Engine Results.


The client was very pleased with their website, stating:

"There's nothing to improve on and the whole process is efficient and fast."

Before giving us 5 stars out of 5:


To explore this website for yourself visit the link below:


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Friday, 24 January 2014

Website of the Week - Ian Kelleher


This week's Website of the Week goes to Ian Kelleher. This is a very intimate website created to serve as a means to share one man's musical passion and skills with the wide world on the web.

Ian lives close to the Hertfordshire and Essex border and enjoys teaching guitar in schools in Chelmsford and Bishop's Stratford. He started playing guitar at the age of 10 and has studied music at many prestigious institutions and with many decorated mentors. He is also part of the Williams Kelleher Duo with friend and colleague Sue Williams who have recently written and released an album together.

The best way to showcase any kind of musical production and talent is to give your listeners and fans direct access to it wherever they are and whenever they want.

On the Williams Kelleher Duo page, you will notice some extremely stylish sound bites. Not only are they pleasing to the ears but also, to the eyes. These are generated and provided by SoundCloud one of the many widget developers out there that can generate anything from live feeds to e-commerce buttons. It's a great way of using custom technology as well as becoming part of a whole new online community and broadcasting your work to fellow artists and friends.

The Toolkit allows you to insert any of these widgets easily with its Insert HTML tool so feel free to have a search of what the internet has to offer and how specialised Developers can best present anything from examples of your work, purchasing options, live Social Media feeds and many more for you to share via your website through custom widgets.

SoundCloud in particular, as well as allowing Ian's music to be played on his page on any device, is also styled attractively and has many options when it comes to how Ian would like his music to look to fans of his going forward. He can also change these at any time simlpy by logging into his SoundCloud account and making updates.

The client was very proud of his website and happy with the whole build process, stating:

"The Toolkit staff are very friendly, efficient and helpful. The whole process of website design is very clear and easy to follow even for the computer shy!"

Before giving us 4 stars out of 5.

Watch out for our next blog post which will describe how our platform has recently been updated to better support these types of buttons and widgets for you. As they improve, we will too and as a result so will your website and online presence.

To visit the site of Ian Kelleher and his music yourself, click the link below: