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Website of the Week: Melliosport

This week's website of the week goes to Melliosport. Melliosport is a kart racing team operating from workshops adjacent to the best kart racing facility in the UK, PF International near Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Senior Project Manager Andy, began firstly by creating a full width panel responsive website design, using the clients extensive image gallery to populate the panels so the balance between visual and text is easy on the eye.

The home page features a slide show of images, along with video content and a collage of images. The site doesn't have too much content, which means that the panels provide substance and intrigue to each page, depending on the topic.

The internal pages feature the same style with full width panels, imagery relevant to the topic on the page, and well presented text.

The client has provided video content to apply to the website, which is a great way to engage with a potential client or customer. Being able to sit back and watch a video means that they can access a lot of information without having to read through a bulk of text.

The website passes Google's mobile-friendly test with flying colours, meaning that the website is responsive to the device it's being viewed on. This is a must when it comes to people viewing the website on the go!

The client kindly said "I have been very happy with everything," and was looking forward to their training session to learn how to update the website using The Toolkit.
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Website of the Week: The Royal Oak, Appleby

This week's website of the week goes to The Royal Oak, Appleby. The Royal Oak Appleby is an award winning family run Inn (voted the best tenanted and leased pub in the UK) nestled in the unspoilt Eden Valley and only 20 minutes from the Lake District.

Senior Project Manager Lanara, began firstly by creating a full width panel responsive website design, based on the clients existing branding, and using images that the client provided.

The home page features a number of panels featuring call to action buttons, an introduction, a parallax scrolling image and a footer area with accreditations and contact details.

The internal pages feature the same style with full width panels, imagery relevant to the topic on the page, and well presented text.

Because the website has a lot of information, and it needs to be easy for the customer to find what they are looking for and to make a booking, the call to action buttons really help assist with the navigation of the site as a whole.

The contact page provides location information, to accompany the Appleby page that discusses things to do and see in the area. The Google map is interactive and can be used as a GPS on smartphones.

The website passes Google's mobile-friendly test with flying colours, meaning that the website is responsive to the device it's being viewed on. This is a must when it comes to people viewing the website on the go!

The client kindly gave us 5 stars out of a possible 5 and said that they received excellent response times for updates to the website.
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The Rise of Veganism

2016 has seen a huge rise in Veganism. With more and more people embracing a clean-eating lifestyle, and celebrities promoting their healthy regimes with smoothies, detox teas and more, it's interesting to see how popularity has increased over the last few years. Veganism does have health benefits in terms of weight loss, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, reducing fatigue and more, as well as being an animal rights and environmental concern.

Experts have said: "The appeal and potential for vegan products is expanding beyond the small group of people who avoid animal products for ethical reasons to include the much larger base of consumers seeking healthier, cleaner foods."

More people are pledging to go vegan for seven or 30 days, according to the Vegan Society. There were 40% more people signing up to this temporary menu in the first two months of 2013 compared with the same period in 2012

With campaigns such as Veganuary growing in popularity, the idea of eating clean is a choice being made by a lot of people for different reasons. Veganuary say their aims are to reduce the suffering of animals by inspiring and supporting people across the globe to go vegan for the month of January. It has introductory guides and inspiration for those interested in taking the plunge, and advice on how to go about it in a safe and responsible way.

The top reasons for people going Vegan are:


Veganuary say: "Two of the worst culprits are the dairy and egg industries. Research tells us that chickens probably suffer the most miserable existence of all factory farmed animals. Yet their eggs are consumed on an overwhelming scale. Dairy cows have their calves removed from them only hours after giving birth, after being forcibly impregnated to ensure they produce milk. Like any mother, they grieve. So too do their young."

Environmental Reasons

Eating vegan makes a more positive impact than giving up your car; it can halve your greenhouse gas emissions and it will save wild animals from extinction.

Health Benefits

More and more people are ditching animal products in order to combat specific health problems. Others report general improvements in energy and vitality, and exclaim that they’ve ‘never felt better’. Stories of successful vegan athletes and sports stars are on the increase, and plant-based living is regularly profiled in health and wellness publications.

You can learn more about the movement on their website. Veganuary. 

April has been a massive month for Vegan related events and news. In April alone there was the "Go Vegan with Exeter Friends for Animals" event, including a film night, a ‘Great Vegan Breakfast’, and even an all-vegan Sunday carvery at one of Exeter’s popular pubs! The 9th April saw the Irish Vegan Festival take place in Belfast and the Lincoln Vegan Festival followed shortly after. The Cheltenham Vegan Fair saw a mixture of vegan food, beauty products and clothing on sale. This Saturday the Northern Vegan Festival is taking place in Manchester at various venues, offering vegan beer, wine and free food alongside talks, films and cookery demos. The Birmingham Viva! Vegan Festival takes place on the 30th of this month, with cookery demos, food tasting and a guest speaker. Closer to home on the same day, we have the New Forest Vegan Fair in Lyndhurst, from 11am to 4pm at the Lyndhurst Community Centre.

To see the full diary for this month and the next coming months, visit the calendar here.
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Moving into a Smart Home

Moving into your first flat or home can be a daunting and exciting time! Our Client Delivery Project Manager, Natasha is doing just that, and moving into her first flat. We thought that this would be the PERFECT time to discuss technology that is new and up and coming, transforming the way we live inside our own homes.

The smart home has arrived and technology is gradually making its way into everything from appliances to thermostats meaning that day-to-day life just isn't as dull as it once was!

Take a look at the examples below and let us know what you think on Twitter using the hashtag #smarthome

The iKettle

An internet-connected kettle perhaps isn’t an essential but it will mean that you’ve got boiling water ready for your tea before you arrive in the kitchen. It can be turned on from the app, and scheduled to warm up ready for when you wake up.

iRobot Roomba 620

Prepare for the robot age by investing in a Roomba. It will drive itself around your home, hoovering up as it goes whatever the surface, and then drive itself back to charge before starting all over again. These clever robots can learn the layout of your home, and get into those dusty corners you never would have been able to.

Transparent TV

The transparent tv designed by Michael Friebe is a great piece of techn that combines conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology.

Dimensional Wall Panels

Because of their different and usual look they transmit a nice futuristic look in modern day interiors and exteriors.

The RIMA lamp

The RIMA lamp allows you to control the light via four controller rings that you can slide. It has a processor which controls the heat, intensity, angle of the beam and colour.

Sony Eclipse

This Sony Eclipse is a media player that uses photovoltaic cells situated on its backside to draw in solar power.

On Switch

Minimalistic and elegant. That’s how you define this light switch created by Burakov Denis.

LED Ceiling

This is an interesting concept created by Seo Dong-Hun that allows you to create on the ceiling the light shapes you want.

WAT Lamp

The WAT lamp has the interesting ability to generate light if you fuel it with water. The water combines with a hydroelectric battery to generate an electrochemical reaction that lights it up.

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Website of the Week: Xtreme Nerf Combat

This week's website of the week goes to Xtreme Nerf Combat. Xtreme Nerf Combat was created by two Ex-Military Veterans with a drive to build something different, fun and exciting. Their passion is to get kids active, engaged, meeting other kids and away from the games consoles.

Senior Project Manager Lanara, began firstly by creating a full background image home page design, based on the flyers and other branding the company already had. The theme included camouflage and forest landscapes as the background style, along with the punchy red and yellow colouring from the logo.

The home page features a number of panels from the introduction, image bullet points to cover what services they provide, a testimonials scroller and a call to action panel for signing up to the newsletter and getting in touch.

The internal pages feature the same style of imagery and layout, but with different imagery to populate the page and make it relevant to the content. The client uses youtube videos to show what they provide which is a brilliant marketing tactic. People love to sit back and watch a video.

To make sure that the website is gender neutral and appeals to both men and women as well as girls and boys, the colours don't favour either and the images feature a mixture of both. The Nerf Gallery features a variety of different action shots to show people the types of event that Xtreme can put on, and for all ages and sexes.

The website works in the same was as a brochure or flyer would, providing an outline of services, examples of projects worked on and completed and contact information for those that are interested in getting in touch.

The contact form is also camouflage in style, and is easy for people to fill out a brief enquiry about what they are looking for.
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Website of the Week: Heritage Property Care

This week's website of the week goes to Heritage Property Care. Heritage Property Care specialise in Commercial Refurbishments & Extensions.

Senior Project Manager Andy, began firstly by creating a full background image home page design, which acts as a striking landing page. The three graphic icons point to pages where you can read more, and are a quick link through to the relevant information for each tab.

The website works as a place for people to take a look at the examples of work and services that Heritage Property Care provide. The internal pages have been made into panelled pages so that the content is easy to follow and read, with full width header images relevant to the topic.

The home page has an all important accreditation logo section, including the CHAS and Construction Line logos, which are familiar to people and create a sense of reliability/trust.

The contact page features a form for people to fill out with their contact details and enquiry. The client can manage these easily using our content management system The Toolkit.

The website works in the same was as a brochure or flyer would, providing an outline of services, examples of projects worked on and completed and contact information for those that are interested in getting in touch.

Do you have a business in the trades industry?  Why not get in touch with us today about getting a website project kick-started?
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How does a 'National' day become a 'National' day?

How does a holiday become a holiday?

This month we have had National Banana Cream Pie Day, National Day of Unplugging, National Oreo Cookie Day, National Proofreading Day, National Artichoke Hearts Day and National Melba Toast Day... just to name a few. But who decides what day is the national day of what, and why?

We scoured the internet to find out firstly, how we find out what National Day it is, and why. The easiest way to find out is by visiting the National Day Calendar, which lists every single national day possible. They also have an application form that you can fill out, in order to put an idea forward for a National Day of your choosing.

Government-supported holidays

These holiday's are the ones we all know about. For example, Easter Holidays, Christmas and the Queen's birthday are all holiday's that are established and set by the government.

Other events such as World Elephant Day which was established by the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation, became a National day due to being initiated and backed by a company and also because of the country it came from (In this case Thailand.) The foundation's goal is to acquire captive elephants and reintroduce them to the wild in protected forest habitats, and fundraising efforts support those efforts. The day was a trending topic on Twitter recently, which naturally brought awareness to the topic, and helped the day become a recognised one.

Other days like this have been on the up rise, and have become a trend on social media platforms, either highlighting a certain issue or bringing awareness to a brand or product. 

Private groups, public days

Some events are started by companies, activist groups or even individuals. National Dog Day, for example, was established in 2004 by pet lifestyle expert Colleen Paige, who also created events like National Mutt Day, National Farm Animals Day, National Walk Your Dog Week and National Specially-abled Pets Day.

The National day of Unplugging is another national day that has gained much momentum. The National Day of Unplugging is a project of Reboot.

The brand Innocent (known for their smoothies!) have had the same idea and jumped on the bandwagon with Innocent Unplugged. The event, that takes place in May, is all about leaving technology behind and enjoying a festival without needing to be 'plugged in.'

Innocent say: "Leave your phone at home and escape to innocent un-plugged, a festival for grown-ups in a woodland clearing in Kent. Sometimes the stream of emails, whatsapp messages and Facebook notifications can get on top of you. Life’s a bit too connected these days, which is why we’re unplugging for real. No Wi-Fi, no texts, no traditional electricity. Just a load of people camping in a forest clearing with great music, real conversations and lungfuls of fresh air. So forget about Facebook. Turn off Twitter. Say goodbye to Google. We’ll see you in the woods."

Some events belong to individual people

Strong personalities and passionate people help keep events going past their inaugural dates.

For example, Earth Day has also grown well past its original founding organisers' vision. Earth Day is "promoted and shaped" by the Earth Day Network.

One that is a bit closer to our hearts is Hour of Code for example; The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics.

No matter their origins, all of these holidays are occasions to make a difference in the world. So put a few dates on your calendar and keep celebrating the environment year-round.

There is also time to celebrate the more trivial National Days too, even if they are just for fun!

Why not get involved, and select a National Day to embrace?
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